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Reverend Jonathan Hawthorne
The Lords of Salem
Dr. Hopkins
Everett Marshall
Saving Grace
(TV Series 2007-2010)
Sheriff Cabot
Daltry Calhoun
Angry Man
The Dukes of Hazzard
Sam Wolfson
Boston Legal
(TV Series 2004-2008)
Brig. Gen. Richard B. Garnett
Gods and Generals
Sheriff Holt
Sweet Home Alabama
Ed Kimmel
Six Feet Under
(TV Series 2001-2005)
Rogers Brackett
James Dean
(TV Movie 2001)
Rodger Stokes
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
MIB #1
The Shadow Men
Carlos Jordan
Baywatch Nights
(TV Series 1995-1997)
Adm. Linden Miles
(TV Series 1995-2005)
Wayne Donnelly / Wyatt Donnelly
Weird Science
Thaddeus Birch
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Tim Kingston
Walker, Texas Ranger
Legate Turrel
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
(TV Series 1993-1999)
Brig. Gen. Richard B. Garnett
Dr. Tucker
Melrose Place
Conrad Malone
Silk Stalkings
Rex Huston
Parker Lewis Can't Lose
Richard Pooley
In the Heat of the Night
Professor Charles Windom / Agent Stears
Freddy's Nightmares
(TV Series 1988-1990)
Psycho Dad
Married with Children
(TV Series 1987-1997)
Administrator Suna
Star Trek: The Next Generation
(TV Series 1987-1994)
Harry Fontana
Gil Briscoe
(TV Series 1986-1995)
Gil Blocker / Roscoe / Victor Salyer / ...
Murder, She Wrote
Father Tom
Amityville II: The Possession
Ed Clarke
The Fall Guy
Russell Robinson
Hart to Hart
(TV Series 1979-1984)
Dr. Aubrey 'Neil' Neilson
Trapper John, M.D.
Prof. Raymond Guy
The Evil
Harrison Van Buren, III
Andrew Prine
(TV Series 1977-1983)
Deputy Norman Ramsey
The Town That Dreaded Sundown
Alex Kale
Quincy M.E.
(TV Series 1976-1983)
Dr. Billy Cole
The Bionic Woman
Luther Stark
Riding with Death
(TV Movie 1976)
Don Stober
Tommy Bishop / Andy
Professor Kaufman
One Day at a Time
(TV Series 1975-1984)
Fiona's Husband
Rooster Cogburn
Prof. C. Evan Spate
Kolchak: The Night Stalker
Shine Stanfield / Jim Howard / Jim Hague
Barnaby Jones
Kung Fu
Tom Wardlow
Coy / Paul Whitney
Alex McSween
Biff Harrison
Love, American Style
Dr. Hal 'Speed' Gould
The Courtship of Eddie's Father
Richard Chadway / Wally Hatch
Hawaii Five-O
Pvt. Theodore Ransom
The Devil's Brigade
Deputy Sheriff Roscoe Bookbinder
Ernie Norton
Vern Corbett
The Invaders
Lt. Sibley
Texas Across the River
Amos Fargo
Daniel Boone
Neil Hollis / Ray Kimble
The Fugitive
James Keller
The Miracle Worker
Tobe Larkin / Chuck Larson / Brett Benton / ...
The Virginian
(TV Series 1962-1971)
Lt. William Benton
Young Lou
George Whitman
(TV Series 1959-1973)
Walter Bird
One Step Beyond
Neil Lockwood
Peter Gunn
Eric Camden / Felix Colton
Wagon Train
Bobby Olson / Billy Lamport
Have Gun - Will Travel
Aaron Menefee
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
(TV Series 1955-1962)
Elmo Sippy / Clay / Billy Joe Arlen
(TV Series 1955-1975)
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